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Laser Safety in Optical Networks

Written and developed by Optical Technology Training Ltd and licensed to CrossConnect Training.

Available as a company course only.

Duration: 1 day

The demand of high data rates and increased performance in telecoms systems has let to the widespread use of high power, optically amplified DWDM systems in core and metro networks. Increasingly, high performance systems are using Raman amplifiers with very high power levels inside the transmission fibres. Also the developments for 100Gb/s Ethernet may mean that hazardous power levels are now found in data centre environments. It is essencial that those managing these environments are aware of the risks associated with such systems.

This course focuses on the issue of dealing appropriately and effectively with laser safety and explains how good working practices can contribute to safety.

Training is recommended for personnel who may be exposed to hazardous levels of optical power. This course enables employers to demonstrate that personnel have the required level of competence to be authorised users of systems using hazardous lasers.

The course concentrates on specific issues relevant to fibre optic communications systems and components in an operational environment.


  • explain the difference between a hazard and a risk

  • recognise the types of hazard that may be encountered when working with fibre optic networks

  • explain the hazards associated with fibre fragments, processing chemicals and installation practices

  • describe how the different operational characteristics of LEDs & lasers impact on safety

  • explain the hazards associated with high power in fibre optic communications systems and components

  • recognise the classification system for lasers and identify which ones are hazardous

  • identify likely locations of hazardous power levels in fibre optic communications systems

  • appreciate the contribution to safety of good cable management in patch panels, equipment rooms and ODFs

  • demonstrate best practices in cleaning connectors and adapters

  • brief formal assessment

Laser Safety and Good Working Practices with Fibre Optic Systems course from CrossConnect Training

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